Sunday, December 20, 2009

1520: Suleiman the Magnificent


In 1520, Suleiman the Magnificent, also known in the East as Suleiman the Lawmaker, became the tenth Sultan of the Ottoman Empire after the death of his father, Selim I. Suleiman is known as one of the greatest  Ottoman Sultans as he became the leader of the Islamic world and the legitimate successor to the Abbasid Caliphs after the conquest of Baghdad in 1534. In 1537, Suleiman rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, which are the current walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, and has also restored the Dome of the Rock in 1538.

The official Ottoman policy regarding the plans of the Zionist Movement seeking a Jewish state in Palestine continued, during the administration of Suleiman, in preventing the Jewish from settling in Palestine. In spite of the awareness of the Zionist Movement plans, Suleiman, with his utmost Islamic tolerance and justice, allowed Jews that were expelled from Spain and persecuted in Europe to settle anywhere on the Ottoman land except for Palestine.